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  1. I found a fellow who did some walkthroughs of the different moonshine bar options. The little pictures they show in game aren’t nearly enough (for me, anyways) to make a decision on which to get. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the refined. It looks nice, matches my fancy character, but for being a “secret” underground place in the middle of nowhere... yeah, it’s not super plausible. I couldn’t figure out how to link to his walkthroughs of the different ones. Feller is Traveller1898 on the YouTube if you want to look it up. (And maybe someone better at forum magic might be able to link them) ~Kronjin
  2. That’s a good point. We were just talking yesterday that since the update, we’ve done exactly ONE stranger mission together, and zero just roaming around looking for something interesting. Its all jobs now. Doing bounties, hunting, deliveries, etc. A definite positive though, we are spending a lot more time in camp just hanging out, and it’s fun that each person’s tent matches their individual theme. Little things like that are good.
  3. Howdy! Figured it’s time to introduce myself. Been lurkin’ round these here parts a mite. Name’s Kronjin. Same on PS4. Feel free to join me anytime. The real fellow behind Kronjin is a late 30’s railroader with 4 children, so his time is sporadic, but valued when it happens. Played and loved the original Red Dead Redemption, less so it’s online. Tried GTA5, enjoyed the story, but the online is not my speed. this is the first Rockstar online portion that I absolutely love. *tips hat and nods* Looking forward to seeing you all out there. ~Kronjin
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