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  1. I finally got it to show up and was able to limit it, but it still crashed after about 20min of playing.
  2. Is there another way to limit application CPU usage? I've seen multiple forums about people using BES to limit the usage to 98% for RDR and they no longer have crashes, but when I use BES, it doesn't detect the game for some reason.
  3. Didn't think about the Geforce option. Good idea. I tried the GTAV converter and it didn't work, adding the extension didn't work either. I'll just go with the Geforce idea!
  4. Nope, doesnt work like the other games. I found the location, but you can't view it because it's an unknown file extension and no converter I have found works.
  5. jwaters1537

    PC Screenshots?

    I'm sure this is a stupid question but I'm not used to Rockstar or the Epic launcher. Where is the screenshots folder for when we take a picture in photo mode? The only way I see to extract them is to publish them to the social hub but that's annoying.
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