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  1. I uh...............am not sure how to respond to that bc it has nothing to do with what I was asking. Also screw your multiplayer. You and people like you are killing singleplayer games by incentivizing companies to pump out endless low effort MP content instead of giving us content that can be enjoyed at our own pace that has been carefully handcrafted by talented developers. Rockstar used to be one of the absolute best developers out there before people like you ruined it for everyone. Multiplayer is fine. Dumping endless amounts of money into it causing MP to become the sole focus is not. I know its off topic but I've been furious about the rise of multiplayer at the expense of excellent singleplayer especially with rockstar that I can't help it. I'd do almost ANYTHING to get expansions for Red Dead 2. Especially since I've always enjoyed RD infinitely more than GTA. Probably will try that sometime. I really shouldn't have to, you know? That kind of information should definitely be out there. Hopefully since it will work on consoles offline the same goes for pc.
  2. Title explains it all. I am REALLY hoping this is playable offline on pc bc not everyone has a good internet connection all the time unfortunately. I tried looking around but all I could find were questions and answers related to the console version.
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