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  1. Must be a bug. Saw another post of same thing but a few hours older than this one. Now reappearing after map recycle. Ticket submitted.
  2. None on the map while playing online right now. They were earlier, but as of right now no town has any.
  3. Ahhh..okay. Disregard. I’ve got it now. Thanks all!
  4. Interesting as I cannot access “second tab” listed as “Items” on the wheel, just “Weapons”.
  5. Okay,,, I take it is a bug again. Ticket submitted.
  6. Okay, calling all veterans of RDR2! I’m in level 16 now, purchased my fishing rod from a woman at a shack for something like $35. Bought some worms for bait. Shouldn’t my fishing rod appear under my “Kits” menu? In the catalogue it shows it as purchased but for the life of me I can’t get access to it anywheres. Even hit the TAB to look and see if the horse was carrying it in order to change it out on the wheel...nope. Nothing. Do you need to be at a certain location in order for it to appear? I wouldn’t think so. Weird. Forgot to mention this is online and in free roam. Thanks in advance! Otherwise, despite a few CTD’s still enjoying the game. Found numerous bugs/glitches and all send off on ticket to Rockstar.
  7. Trader huh? Well that stinks because as far as I know in order to run the new Moonshiner pursuit you have to start in the Trader role, I believe you can pursue Moonshiner at Level 5. Anyways, my camp has been acting fine so far. I’m not in any pursuits roles, online Free Roam. Rockstar saying they’re aware of it is a good sign though actually. Seeing how it was just posted over to the PC means much more work for the devs squashing bugs as PC’s run an entire array of different hardware/software as opposed to the cookie cutter console systems. Yesterday, for theee times in a row, dyer the latest Window update I did I had nothing but CTD’s. The fourth time I fired it up not a glitch. Has been fine ver since. Just goes to show how fickle PC’s can be - though the benefits can far outstrip what the now 10 years on consoles could ever hope for once they get things sorted out. They will, just gonna take a little more time. Im really looking forward to many more new pursuit roles as I think this will add greatly to the game’s longetvity...pursuits such as bank robbing, US Marshall’s Service, Miner...all kinds of good stuff! Not to ,e Timon the tons of other legal trade business that one could try to capitalize on back then such as an owner of stage coach lines, railway baron, etc.
  8. Exactly. This is the main thrust here as well. At leads it’s not REAL money!
  9. Understood, and thanks! Makes sense. Right now I suppose the devs are trying to squash bugs more than anything right now too.
  10. Out of curiously, anybody experienced the ghost outside of St. Dennis or the ghost train yet on this PC version, or any other place for that matter? I know the consoles (bugs aside) have several of the them. The ghost train seems pretty cool added effect to the lore of those days! I even saw mention of a UFO??? Seems like quite a few things have yet to carry over to the PC side yet (like passengers trains, etc.) and was wondering if this was one of them. Also, kudos to the dev team, really. It’s in its infancy here in the PC and they done numerous updates already for it, deservingly so I might add. I see great things on the PC side here for development. Already we are getting Moonshiners. This sounds very intriguing as so far I’ve not gone a designated route for my character and just do online Free Roam. Wife now has her own character and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning as time seems to fly by simply exploring and learning the game mechanics. One of my personal time killer faves is ironically playing poker, as I never played before RDR2 in my life. Great fun and relaxing. We are both new to RDR2 and waited for the PC version specifically. Hopefully PC sales are doing well. Perhaps some quarter Rockstar May release another pursuit such as Bank Robber or combining up robbing banks and trains as right now cannot enter any banks at all (don’t know if you can on consoles or not either). Kinda making a career out of it I would think (other than your typical Free Roam opportunities) would make for some very interesting game play. Naturally, everyone would take the role on as “easy money” so the devs would have to be creative in pulling it off right in order to make it the opposite - high gains would also have to mean higher stakes are at hand. And banks themselves couldn’t operate simply as a huge cash dispensary at the whim of a player simply logging in and out in order to make tons of fast cash either. Just an idea. Bank robberies are definitely a part of those Wild West times historically. Nearby in Northfield, MN there was once a bank robbery by the James Younger gang in 1876 which made the history books as locals quickly formed a posse in an attempt to stop them from even fleeing the town during the holdup. In case your interested .http://www.northfieldhistory.org/the-bank-raid/ Again, thanks to all here in helping each other answering questions, the moderators and most of all the dev team! The only complaint I have is that RDR2 PC is cutting into my flight sim time now! 😁
  11. Ahhhh...L key while in Free Roam...that’s why I never see it. I was trying to find it under the opening menu! Thanks!
  12. As the title asks, or is this disabled in free roam? The other day I had someone repeatedly attack me and jumping around as if on a pogo stick. Sometimes I’m just not in the mood for such stuff. I thought there was a way through navigating the main menu.
  13. Yeah, the Wild West without trains to shake down is blasphemy! 😉
  14. On the PC I’m still trying to find out in Free Roam how to go “defensive” player.
  15. Hey! That looks like Marshall Dillon’s horse, “Old Buck”!
  16. Yeah on the PC I just hit the TAB key to bring up the weapons wheel, then under the highlighted weapon within the wheel and within the weapon details itself right below the graphic of the weapon selected I simply mouse click on the ammo I want to chamber. Of course greyed out ammo won’t naturally be available but always works for me on the stuff that is.
  17. Ahhh...k...forgot to mention too I’m doing free roam. Well, that kinda, er, stinks. I’ve also noticed that you can’t buy a room for the night in free roam, order a decent meal in a bar or choose a “soiled dove” (heard that was dropped which takes the air outta the “Wild West” saloon atmosphere).
  18. This is what I expected to see on the PC version, or at least once in a while. Nothing but freight. Strange, and no NPC’s in the passenger cars? Wonder why posts regarding train holdups mentions robbing passengers after hitting the safe?
  19. “I ain’t got no stink in’ passengers trains!” All I ever see in this PC version running are loaded flatbed freight cars. Does the PC even have passenger trains or do you have to get to a certain level to see them or have a really low honor rating? My honor rating is far to the right and I’m only on level 9 right now. Thanks all! Really curious.
  20. This should have been a no-brainer for the PC but apparently Rockstar thinks otherwise. Rather than scrolling through reams of dialogue within the menu to try and decipher it all (and many things aren’t included anyways) would be nice to simply include on-screen key mapping.
  21. UPDATE: Yes, no problem signing out and creating new account. No, Rockstar won’t link your previous purchase and link it to the new account thus forcing you to buy another copy so another family member can play with a different character creation - within a game you already paid for once lol!
  22. Thanks for the link! I did submit the suggestion if it’s the case with the PC that you indeed cannot create a second account in order to create an online character. I’m investigating it more.
  23. Thanks. Yeah, this is the new PC version. If it can be done simply by creating another account then heck yeah, that would make more sense - if indeed you can create a second account on the PC.
  24. First off, thanks for the reply! Daaaang! Wow...that would get very expensive if one were to truly bite for that hook. Only PC game I own that operates in such a manner. So essentially you have to buy an individual copy of the game for each member of the household if somebody other than yourself wants to play and develop their own character, instead of Rockstar simply allowing the devs to incorporate at minimum two character creations per paid title. Well, I for one won’t bite for it. That’s crazy.
  25. Greetings to all! Brand new at this RDR stuff. I fly combat sims, so quite a change of pace. As my title suggests, I paid top dollar for the PC version problem is the wife and I both want to play RDR2 in free roaming each with our own character we created. I’m talking about creating your own and not assuming one (from where you choose male or female, give it a name, attributes, etc). So if I have a character I created do I actually have to delete him in order for her to play a female character? That doesn’t sound right, though I see no way of creating another character - all the option I see is “delete”. If this is true pardon my French - but this sucks. If you can have more than one character You’ve created in RDR2 for the PC how to go about it? Also as a note I read that in game of you hit the “L” key you can assign a defensive attribute to tour character instead of offensive though I don’t see this. Perhaps once you’ve gained attributes later in the game or is this something you can assign “right out of the gate”. I’m tired of being lassoed and shot in the head. I thank you inadvance!
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