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  1. Imma Keep this Short and Sweet Bucko's, I'm creating a Crime Family Posse known as the Lombardy Family, You wanna know why you should join? What we gonna be: Founded the day of this Message, The Lombardy Family Is Visioned to be Players who live as Nice men by day, Capo's and Mobsters by Night, With very slight RP aspects, if you join this family you will be joining a family of players who, by day are Good Bounty Hunters and Samaritans by day, and by night, Capo's and Mobsters who will do anything for some quick cash. Some general info for any who are considering applying: This group does have a command structure, Officer etc, but roles will only be used in situations such as group-making for grinding and for events missions etc, it will be a functioning classic mob hierarchy with ranks, However, besides times when as a group we are doing things together seriously to make some cash or grind some levels, you are encouraged to do whatever the **** you want. You want to help people and live a more kind life, Go for it, If you fully embrace the Mob side and want to live as a Dangerous Gunslinger, a Micah 2.0 wanting to see the world burn, Do it, whatever your play style you are welcome here. In this Family you play however you wanna play, Say what you wanna say, and have fun enjoying this game. We are going to be a PvP posse, Meaning please have some experience with free aim, and not only dead eye sniping. We will be Running Bounty's, Trade runs, and everything under the sun to grind, I personally have all wagons and maxed Bounty hunter and Trader so grinding will be a breeze. What we decide to grind each day will Usually come down to group decision. Discord is Required, as well as a mic, Phones work if no mic is available etc. In the end, if you decide to take a chance, coming here you will be able to do what you wanna do with little to no restraint, If you think you will enjoy the hell outta that follow the Instructions below: *18+ is the Normal Age Requirement, However if you wish to join and you are younger fill out the application, the final verdict will be made in the interview Join the Discord: https://discord.gg/HwBWbEG Leave a Message with the Following info Age: TImezone: Social Club Name: Discord Name: Previous Games played: Any Personal Feats or notable groups you achieved/have been a part of: Any other info you wanna share(Not Required) I will then Schedule a Interview with you, it is VERY short, and if you in the end decide you wanna join you will be given your rank, And fully welcomed into the Family! Happy Hunting boys
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