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  1. Our benefactor Mr. Sinclair would beg to differ! He also told us to tell you he loves Mr. Lahee. Not sure what he means.
  2. Our benefactor Mr. Sinclair has graciously provided us with all materials and equipment necessary for this broadcast to work! Thanks for listening!
  3. Boy Howdy it sure is hard navigating all this new-fangled technology. But your pals Backwoods Billy and Cleetus are never ones to back down from a challenge! We are proud to present to you: 💥🐴🤠 WILD WEST RADIO🤠🐴💥 "Wild West Radio is the BEST, and ONLY radio station in the Wild West. From Ambarino to New Austin, come mosey with us!" Enjoy our first installment of Wild West Radio. This radio show is brought to you from the backroom of the Valentine Saloon. Meant for your listening pleasure while scavenging the plains for Collections, capturing Bounties, and Trading your wears. We're your hosts, BACKWOODS BILLY & CLEETUS. Explore with us! Each episode includes a radio dramatization of our Wild times in the West, accompanied by a genre of music that our benefactors told us to play. This episode features the audio drama Dr. Sixgun (Pops Wheaton Makes It Up), infused with the greatest Ragtime tunes in the Wild West, much to Cleetus' chagrin. Future episodes will include information about weekly bounties and deals across the map! This episode features music by Scott Joplin, Maie Fitzgerald, and May Aufderhide. ------------------------------------------------------- Available for your listenin' pleasure on Spotify and Youtube, whatever those are! SPOTIFY: https://open.spotify.com/show/3TIGz4wpA6gzLNgjaQAQC1 YOUTUBE: *Open on your game consoles' Spotify app before launching Red Dead, so you can join us while roaming the plains.
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