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  1. OK so i searched everywhere on line how to recruit someone to fallow you and be your gang members, EVERY where i go it says that it isns possible, EVEN here on the forums. SO how come in the help-->combat section it specifically says "FIGHTING WITH COMPANIONS" and that ."when taking on enemy gangs or the law, in can be invaluable to have your fellow gang members by your side" So question is HOW is it done?
  2. how do i get a hold of this Superior stew? 😁
  3. Hey i am having a hard time understanding the icon displays ABOVE the minimap. So first and foremost I see i have 4 icons i know 2 are for my horse and the others are specifically for me. What i dont understand is that the INSIDE fills up/depletes how ever their is also a half ring around the OUTSIDE as well? Can someone explaine both of these to me?
  4. So i have entered RHODES and i noticed now that i cant find any of my weapons. My horse doesnt even have any on him anymore? Any idea where they may of went?
  5. so how do i RESTOCK then when i run out? i was told their was a way. Instead of always going back to gunsmith to buy ammo all over again
  6. I am curious i went to a GUNSMITH in the city of valentine bought some Powerful ammo.. When i RESUPPLY AT CAMP! What ammo is it going to give me? What i have previously Purchased from the gunsmith in the town!
  7. Wondering if their is a such thing as this in the PC version of rdr2. Being able to set a waypoint marker via the map and have your guy automatially navigate to that locaton any way?
  8. pressing tab puts your small fire arms away into your Holster pouch. How ever when holding a big gun like a shotgun. and you press TAB it doesn't go over your shoulder or anything. He just carries it to the side
  9. Asking for those who played this game. On the PC verison of RDR2 i cant seem to holster my shotguns or bow TO MY back. If i press TAB when carrying a shotgun he just carries it to his side. How ever during cut scenes he automatically holsters them.
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