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  1. SendD

    Horse Attitude

    My Breton horse is a real *******!! When the wolves run in or a cougar snarls he stops in his tracks, whinnys and bucks me off... every time without fail. He's well fed, calm, clean. Are the war horses any better ?
  2. What's the deal with lower moonshine selling price rip off ? So I used one of the free mash benefit awards to create a moonshine. I chose the Spiced Island Moonshine which was valued at $225. It takes an hour to brew so I went and made a nuisance of myself around Valentine for a while then went back to the shack with 18 bottles out of the 20 made. I hung around the shack cleaning weapons and loading ammo etc to pass the last few minutes and got the notification that the batch was ready. But when I went to sell it the highest price buyer available was only $130 ?!? What the hell happened ? It's happened as well when I legitimately paid for a mash too.
  3. Hi all, Not sure if I'm having a "Mandela moment" here but I can't seem to find two treasure maps on the story mode. Can anyone help please ? One was in the hobbit/tortoise type house where you had to jump up and put your hand in a broken window (can't even see the house anymore on my map !!) and the other was at the old civil war site where the cannon pointed to the treasure and it was in a tree. Could someone please enlighten me on their names ? Here's hoping I'm not going mad.... lol Thanks for your time
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