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  1. For me I have to quit out of the game and join another server. Here's a zombie deer I encountered https://youtu.be/mf7Ufcce37Y
  2. My cousin has the same problem, he see's no bounties on the board except legendary, which he's done and gets no reward or xp. He also has a permanent bounty on himself for 0c. Everytime he comes near me I get a mission prompt to kill near by player for 0c. If I accept the mission and kill him I only become hostile and he still has the bounty on him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dSgwaWMNjI&t=8s We are guessing thats his problem but if you don't have the 0c bounty on you then I have no idea.
  3. Same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4KflTYziAs
  4. yes, my trader was hit with the bug yesterday. I didn't loose the goods ($500 run) but the mission abandoned. Unfortunately I tried it again. I reached the destination. Parked the wagon over the yellow delivery area and fought off the bandits. It then went cinematic (as normal) for about 30 seconds, then my wagon disappeared along with the npc's and no payment of $500. Not happy Tried another moonshine delivery No Payout. Tried trader supply run, get supplies back to camp no completion. I'm done
  5. Thanks for the reply. I've now abandoned my posse because today, while solo, I ran a Moonshine delivery. Half way along the root, you guessed it, "your posse abandoned the job". I went to the saloon for the drop but nowhere to drop it. https://youtu.be/za81y6ks1wA Hope it dosen't happen on my trader delivery. You were also right flu007 no posse at all now and bounty mission abandoned again.
  6. Trying to do a few bounties but for some reason, after accepting one, it comes up as "your posse abandoned the job". It's happend a few times, but there is noone in my posse. I tried reforming (persistent posse) but same thing happening. I quit out of the game and restarted, I then fast traveled to Valentine but same thing happened. Any ideas? https://youtu.be/QXHPLts-FnM https://youtu.be/j7Ig5Hi7xd4
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