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  1. Well, lots of Steam purchased games have successfully allowed in game purchases. I am hoping it's just an issue that can be corrected, but so far, nothing.
  2. that's exactly the menu I have been bumbling around in. A little more rummaging through info showed me to use L for what I wanted. Thanks all.
  3. I am stuck. I bought the Hunting Wagon last night. I used it today and tried to figure out how to summon/dismiss it out in the world. It seems the console guys can bring up the Stables menu and that allows you to change up. But I have been unable to figure out how to do that on PC. Other forums suggest going to the "Player" Menu, then Stables...but there is no Stable option under the Player Menu when you are on PC. Unless I am missing the obvious. Does anyone using a PC know how to summon the HW, or can you only get it from a Stable?
  4. After grinding the Bars for Trader, I attempted to purchase some gold bars to offset some of the grind by getting the Bounty Hunter and Collector Roles as well. So I merrily clicked away and was disappointed the icon spins but no final purchase transaction is made. Two weeks later, I have exhausted suggestions by the Steam Support, and they are pointing at R*. I'm inclined to go along because it took over a week for R* support to reply. Essentially, having me do all of the same things Steam support suggested. No joy as of tonight. I am wondering if anyone else has failed at trying to give RockStar their money? Other than the disconnects, and loading screens that don't, so you have to quit and restart the game, I am really enjoying it. I would like to get the other roles going though, because hunting can get dull after a while.
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