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  1. What are the specs of your PC setup? And I do decals for walls, cars, laptops, etc. Pretty much anything with a flat surface. I can make up to 32"x8ft decal right now. I just bought an industrial printer so I'm trying to source vinyl I can print on as well and make anything. These are some of the stuff I've done
  2. Not much to say really. Im not a big fan of gaming consoles but I bought a PS4 pro for Spider-Man and Red Dead Redemption 2. Hopefully if comes out on PC, I don't know why they wouldn't though. I mainly play on PC but most of my buddies have a PS4. Other than that, I program fire sticks and sell Decals online. If you ever need a decal done just let me know, I've done a lot for computers and consoles...Oh and my name is Joey
  3. I love this game so far, but does anyone else feel like it's copying a lot from the Assassin's Creed franchise? Obviously Arthur can't climb building and stuff but the birds eye view, the way strangers greet you when you walk buy them, the way you loot, and the running all remind me of Assassin's Creed. Not a bad thing to me because I loved Assassin's Creed but wanted to see if anyone else feels this way too.
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