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  1. Hey all, Ive been around here before but never got to registering until today. I currently play RDR2 on PS4 (Since release) I go by Thegodmarc on PSN but people here can just call me Marc. I am in my late 20's and work in the automotive industry. I just started my own RDR2 community called Outlaw Gods (Check it out if you're looking to posse up) I enjoy lending a hand to anyone who needs it in rdr2 so feel free to message me.
  2. Potentially could've been someone doing a bounty mission nearby and that was his bounty running by you.
  3. The dual bandolier only seems to look right on the larger warmer coats like the Bison coat. Kinda saddens me that there is not real purpose to them other than looks.
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