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  1. Has anyone else had trouble with trinkets that are in inventory not showing up in the Player screen? Most of my trinkets are showing up just fine, but the Turtle Shell Trinket and Panther Eye Trinket are not showing up, despite the fact that I see them in inventory. When I go to the Player screen, the slots those would normally take up are listed as "Undiscovered Perk". I acquired these legitimately, as John not as Arthur. I have used a Save Game Editor for a couple of other things, but not for trinkets; is it possible that any use of a save game editor would screw up trinkets?
  2. I notice several references to "locking onto" a target, and saw it being done in a YouTube video. I use keyboard + mouse instead of a controller. After a bit of experimentation, I believe that it's not possible to lock onto a target unless you're using a controller? If I'm wrong, please let me know how it's done. Thanks!
  3. I'm not so much worried about my honor rating, although I admit I do like to see it maxed out. For me, it's just annoying to have to do a mission for some low-life criminal scum. Like the apparently powerful, well-connected, belligerent jerk who strutted and boasted and threatened me while giving me the mission. Or the creepy incestuous brother and sister pig farmers who I remember all too well from the single-player game; I didn't realize where I was until I'd walked in and was forced to accept their mission to kidnap and return to them a person I can only assume was a victim they'd abducted and who had managed to escape. Eww. I also discovered, to my great disappointment, that I couldn't kill them.
  4. Good advice, all. I think I'll avoid all of the Stranger missions from now on, and focus on Bounty Hunter, with a little Trader thrown in for variety.
  5. Is there any way to avoid accidentally accepting, or quitting, dishonorable missions? I'm not talking only about missions which reduce my in-game honor, but any mission which requires me to do ethically unsound things. By ethically unsound, I mean attacking innocents or committing crimes; I have no problem with slaughtering bandits and gang members, but I don't want to kill stagecoach guards so I can kidnap some dude at the behest of a shady low-life. Today was my second day of playing the online version of the game after finishing the single-player game, and I was trying to locate strangers in need of assistance. By assistance, I mean help rescuing a loved one from kidnappers, recovering stolen property, putting down a gang of murderous thugs, etc. I tried four different Stranger icons. Two of them gave me a warning, in the form of a red "Dishonor" icon, which allowed me to avoid the mission and just walk away. Two others didn't give me such a choice, just threw me into a cut scene where my character nodded agreement at performing the heinous mission. Both times, I had to just wait around until the mission timer ran out, which wasted quite a bit of my time. It would be nice to know which Stranger icons link to shady missions before traveling to them, or at least to have the opportunity, after hearing what the mission is, to decline it. Or at the very, very least, allow me to quit the mission without just sitting around with my thumb up my ass for 10-15 minutes.
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