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  1. sounds like what ur looking for is how I run my posse if ur on ps4 hit me up its Lil-_-Candi
  2. you can aways join us hun were ps4 and were a really chilled posse
  3. u can always join us were really chilled posse we got a discord and my name is Lil-_-Candi
  4. My user name is Lil-_-Candi u should join us we got a discord and very chilled ppl as x said
  5. Willy your welcome to join us to if u want
  6. hey hun were looking for ppl to play with us were really chilled hit me up if ur interested
  7. Hi there im a Returning player used to have a group but everyone left so looking for none toxic players who is chilled likes to Pve such as Hunting,Fishing,Bounty,Missions Rankin up none toxic just sit back relax laugh have fun only fight if we get attacked first must be mature.if anyone interested let me know I do have a discord group called Whiskey Devils and i'll reply to any messages MOD NOTE: OP hasn't been active since April. Closing thread as a result.
  8. ok hun then add me its Lil-_-Candi
  9. what is ur name on disord mine is Lilāš”Cake#8521
  10. looking for a posse that is chilled just looking on hunting and lvling up and meeting new people making friends making money and gaining xp only fighting if people attack us first were none toxic and we like talking on voice and communicating with each other so we all know whats going on must be mature we dont take none mature people as they become toxic Join if you want to 18+ -Be part of an active chilled community -Get help with leveling up -Were active every single day -Be Part of a None toxic group -PS4 Users we do have a discord just message me and we bring you in 12/5/20 (MODERATOR NOTE): OP hasn't come back to visit this site since around the time this thread was opened and / or for the last couple of months. Closing as a result for the sake of other members looking for active groups.
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