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  1. Never had problems with them until this week. If I spawn there theres no camp. When I select to pitch it it shows on the map but when I go there theres no camp.
  2. Ok i think im going mad. Was playing RDO on Saturday night. Wanted to run some trades and collector missions. I was riding just south of Rhodes when I got hit by a shot. No NPCs showing on Map, no players near by. Kept riding and got hit again and killed. So I thought hack. So I ran back to where I got killed and standing in the middle of the road was what I can only describe as a Black Robed Klansman. I opened fire and he ran. I did no damage. Got killed again. Ran back and he was still there. SO I lassoed and hogtied him, through him on my horse and took him to the Rhodes Jail. At that
  3. Hello, First time posting. Anyone having issues with trader missions. Since last night if I do a trade or a supply run the carts empty out, specifically when its a bandit fight, Starting to piss me off,
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