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  1. Sometimes in a fight you may not have the weapon of your choice fronyour horse when it starts. Thus you may want to pick up a weapon off a corpse in the gun fight. However, when I do that, it seems to overwrite my modified gun of the same type. For instance, the carbine repeater. I picked up a worn one in a fight because mine was stuck on the horse when a fight broke out. Now all I have is the new worn repeater. I can't find my modified one. You should automatically have it only keep the most upgraded one if we return to our horses or after a mission completes.
  2. Please impeove the horses ability to stay on path. It's always running into trees and throwing me off. What's the point of the auto follow feature if it doesn't stay on path?
  3. There are a few things in the game that take up time and force the player to take time to exit out of their mistakes. One in particular is setting up camp. If you do it by accident it forces you to go through the camp setup cinematic, moves your location to accommodate a camp site, and it requires multiple exits to get out of the camp and then tear down the camp. All of that happens just from an accidental camp selection in the item wheel. If it could just have a pop-up for big selections like that in which it might say "are you sure you'd like to setup camp?" X yes , o for No.
  4. Allow us to run/Sprint anywhere, especially in base camps. Everything takes so much longer because we cannot run in many parts of the game. Not sure why we are forced to only walk inside our base camps.
  5. Allow customizing the locations of our wheel items/weapons. For instance, I have accidentally setup camp God knows how many times because im trying to quickly switch to my bow to shoot an animal while riding. But, because the wheel opens to the last wheel used (if I was using binoculars then it will be on item wheel) then when I push L1 and hold down to go to my bow, it is actually on the camping one and activates it. Being able to place the camping as another part of the wheel will help prevent this accident. I'd rather accidentally put on binoculars than go through a long camping process.
  6. Add an option to allow for a defuse or "sorry that was an accident" to the dialogue/engagement options when dealing with the AI characters. This would be great for any accidental threats, weapon pointing, accidental punches or attacks on a person or animal, etc. Too often can something go wrong and not be fixable and cause your wanted level to go up, etc. Because weapon drawing/pointing and the command menu for engagement with characters and environment is L2 (PS4), it's easy to accidentally point a weapon if it's already out when you are just trying to see what the options for dialogue on a character you are looking at. It happened on accident when i was trying to talk to a police wagon and my weapon was out which caused them to shoot at me and increase my bounty.
  7. Great game so far!!! But it is very slow paced. Part of the reason is how many parts of the game you all have restricted free running. Too many times I have to walk when we could run. In camps like Horseshoe, why can't you run? That will speed up the game and make it must less restrictive feeling. We should be able to run wherever we feel like. The menu is quite confusing as well. It does not have an intuitive interface to quickly see the map, active or incomplete quests, etc. You have to go too many levels into the menus to get to what you are looking for. Please consider redesigning the layout of this. Lastly, my horse has ran into an ungodly amount of trees and obstacles which has cause car crash like collisions. It's funny at first but gets old quick. A horse would not naturally slam into things. It should adjust it's path if I'm holding X but sometimes he just runs into objects. Please see about improving the autonomous nature of the horse. Great job on this game though!!! Amazing!
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