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  1. The bounty poster for Esteban Cortez in Tumbleweed is not spawning. I have completed the required random even with the sheriff and completed Joaquin Arroyo‘s bounty. I have waited/slept for numerous in game days and completed all Epilogue 2 missions up to A New Future Imagined. I had not reached the Epilogue prior to the update that changed Gaptooth Breach to a Del Lobo gang hideout (I was in Chapter 6 when the update was released). I understand from the guide that Esteban is supposed to be located at Gaptooth Breach once his bounty is picked up. Perhaps the update to the location has caused an issue with the bounty spawning or the bounty was removed from the game? Has anyone been able to spawn Esteban’s bounty since the update back in December?
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