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  1. OK, now I can sprint using the up arrow (left handed set up) but must keep tapping it while on foot, same thing for mounted but only one speed - fast!
  2. Nah, I'll just play other games until Rockstar fixes the game. There are many other bugs still rampant like spawning campsites, lack of animals to hunt (strange, when you are on a mission in a wagon like moonshine or selling camp good animals are all over). I hardly expect a AAA title to be in as rough shape as this.
  3. When I uninstalled and reinstalled game I also uninstalled and reinstalled launcher, still no run/sprint.Tried this 2 times, next time will just uninstall, maybe in a few months they will fix all the bugs, but this makes game unplayable!
  4. Thanks for the response, I uninstalled and reinstalled 2X, I have switched keyboards, I have tried after the reinstall without re mapping keys, tried re mapping keys, tried using different keys. I haven\t tried the campaign but will tonight. EDIT: doesn't work in single-player campaign either.
  5. Thanks for responding, I appreciate it. I know which key does run/sprint, I have played over 80 hours. I just installed game on new computer and this problem popped up. My keyboard is fine left and right shift work for run/sprint in some of my other games (Outlaws, SWTOR), but I changed out new keyboard for my old one and still same. I am left handed so I do make it the right shift, however, as I stated in my post I have uninstalled and re-installed game, tried left shift BEFORE changing anything, reset key bindings to default, changed key bindings, even switching to a different key instead of shift. Still no run/sprint. In this game you definitely do not want to walk, even on a horse walking is slow. I don't think it is a hardware issue, and everything else in the game works fine (except sometimes can't move/set camp), but specs are: Ryzen gen 1 Threadripper RTX 2080ti 32g ddr4 ram Windows 10 home+
  6. Gypsyhawk

    Can't sprint/run

    Just got a new computer and downloaded game, everything works fine EXCEPT cannot sprint/run. Have tried remapping keys, resetting keys, even uninstalling and reinstalling game. I don't know if I am missing something or if this is a rare new problem. Everything else works perfectly, I can hunt, interact at camp, ride, just cannot sprint/run on horse as well. Anyone else have this problem or have a solution? It really makes the game unplayable
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