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  1. I just started playing rdr2. I think it's a good game. I like that they took notes from the witcher lived in open world, and I've always loved westerns. However; my biggest gripe, and I have more than a few is weapons management. It sucks. I ended up with doubles of the Lancaster rifle because I found one before the game gave it to me; which was particularly erksom. Not only that but why would I want to carry 2, 3 different rifles? Or repeaters?Or shotguns? Bother some too, you can't choose to not use the off hand holster? (you also never wear it in a cutscene, boo.) Or auto equipping weapon loadouts; although that is a minor peace admittedly. I think we can all admit it's trash, and there really needs to be some kind of armory or weapons storage in the camp that allows more customization. Anyone agree?
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