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  1. I have gone and got the white arabian many times harry. Even before i reached the epilogue. sell it to the 2 horse fence brothers then go get it again and again. Sometimes though if you dont catch it first attempt and it leaves the area it doesnt respawn there for quite a few days. PS. im playing in the Story Mode.
  2. yehaa. I got it. The catching and losing it problem is widespread. I read many many posts from different sites, forums and such, but nobody had a solution, it was mainly lots of players saying it has happened to them too. I tried using a rowing boat that i found in ST.Denis and rowed it to the lighthouse in Van Horn. Spent a few full in game days fishing from the boat, but still no luck. I managed to get my horse on the little rock with me but still nothing. I did read somewhere the horse on the rock idea did not work for some reason or other. The way to do this if lost is go elsewhere and do other things for about 3 ingame days. then return to Van Horn Lighthouse and the little rock. save the game then DO A FULL EXIT GAME. When you load the game again return to the little rock and the Legendary Muskie is back.
  3. Hi. I caught the Legendary Muskie up at Van Horn. But trying to get back on land i slipped into the water. I could not find the muskie so went to the mail office just incase it was there, but it was not. I have been trying to re-catch it for 5-6 in game days now but it never appears. In my compendium its showing up as caught 1 out of 1 and 100%. But i never made it to my horse to stow it because of the slipping into the water. On the map there is no X through the Legendary Muskie so i know i have to catch it again, but it just will not respawn. I am in the Epilogue 2 as John on 90.6 total completion and using an XBOX X. I have all the other legendary fish including the Northern Pike. Does anybody have any ideas on how i can proceed or is there a way to find that Muskie again. Was looking forward to going after the channel catfish that weighs around 180 pounds. Any help much appreciated.
  4. yesterday whilst roaming the heartlands i encountered 2 types of fog. white fog which stuck around for ages, then black fog making it impossible to see. i wonder whats next.
  5. I am playing on xbox one x. It has not always been like this with the weather. Only the last few weeks. Just seems weird they would change the weather settings after all this time.
  6. Hi all. I have been playing RDR2 Story mode for a long time. I am at the 2nd epilogue and just free roaming. But the last week or so i have noticed its almost constantly raining now. Also down in the New Austin area ie; Tumbleweed, Armadillo and everywhere else in the area of map the Sand storms are ridiculous and are happening so often it has made that area of RDR2 a no go zone for me. Has anyone else noticed this, which seems to have happened since one of the latest updates. The game has fantastic graphics and scenery but now it is hard to see the scenery with the sand storms happening so frequent. And the rain on the main map areas is too much. It makes no sense why Rockstar would change the settings for this to happen. Could it be they are trying to put players off from playing the story mode and going over to online as they can generate a lot more money from the online mode.
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