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  1. Load into a PVP Series Lobby and back out to free roam! This is what I’ve been doing to stop getting the black loading screen and also to be able to load up the character transfer lobby that gives a black screen also if you try and laugh it just after connecting to a free roam lobby.
  2. I've managed to fix this issue from happening and since I tried this method to see if it would actually work has stopped the game from crashing on both Vulkan and DX12 with the ERR_GFX_STATE error and have had no issues with that error for the past several weeks. Set the sga_vulkan and sga_win32 cache files in Documents/Rockstar Games/Settings folder to read-only. (I have opened the files with Notepad and cleared the contents but this may not be required since the game cannot access them to write to them as they are set as read-only, just did it to save space) On the Rockstar and / or Steam Launcher or any other launcher where you can set the launcher arguments, enter the launcher argument -ignorepipelinecache This should fix the issue as the -ignorepipeline cache launch argument is meant to stop the game from creating these sga cache files and writing to them constantly during gameplay, but typical Rockstar, this doesn't work so setting the sga files to read-only stops the game from accessing and writing to those files as -ignorepipelinecache is suppose to be doing!
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