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    Yep sorry I am mistaken, could have sworn I got a yellow are when searching for the first treasure with the hollow tree.
  2. While heading out to get shot by bandits (again) I get a warning there's no winter clothes in my horse pack. How do I get to carry clothes for all weather seasons?
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    using eagle-eye button can also highlight items of interest, when looking for treasure or looting a house
  4. Sprool


    treasure areas will show up as a patch of yellow or white on the map map, just hunt in this area using the deadeye to highlight clues
  5. try the number keys, that switches weapons fast. (main keyboard numbers not numpad)
  6. 1st to 3rd person view switch on PC was bugging me for days with no clear explanation on forums or videos, most relating to xbox controller. Now I finally figured on pc you have to tap V very briefly to toggle between the two views. Hold it any longer and it starts to transition to cinematic view. Just tap it very briefly.
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