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  1. Macaitis-Flint Gang - Posse Lore Two disgruntled and abandoned members of the Dark Mercantile fell out during the fall of 1898 due to their disbeliefs and arguments towards the leader’s ideals and suicidal and reckless aspirations. The two members, Leone McGraw and Adrian Macaitis decided to slip out of the gang unannounced and discreetly. The two trekked the five states for a few, aimless weeks before stumbling across a traveller in need of help; he was being held in a prison wagon by some shady and unkind folks and despite Adrian’s disapproval, Leone went in for the rescue and Adrian followed, breaking the man named Thomas Flint out and secured an involuntary gang of outlaws which slowly grew over time to a healthy amount averaging twenty-five members, floaters being an often sight within the gang, which was understandable. Their troubles did not end there, the three decided to hold up a military convoy passing through Valentine, the heist succeeding with some very regrettable backfires. They spent the next couple of months on the run from the law and most importantly, the Pinkertons who got involved shortly after they found out about the job. The Pinkertons didn’t take long to catch the lot, offering them a way out by cleaning away their ‘debt’ of over a hundred thousand dollars by installing a speakeasy up near the Grizzlies, where the gang took the opportunity to create a moonshining business which they made a grand profit from. Despite all of this, tension grew within the gang, Adrian and Thomas foreshadowing the Pinkertons betrayal once payment is given and the two storming Fort Wallace over a personal dispute, an act the two hoped Leone wouldn’t find out. Pressure grew on the two, Leone starting to respect them less and less as time went on. The time came when Adrian met back with his floater self, leaving the gang without any notice and slinking into the shadows, never to be heard of again. Thomas hit his tipping point, deciding to raise a mutiny against Leone which ended up rather unfortunately, causing him to flee after contracting an illness in his stomach. The year is now spring, 1899. The plants are growing, the leaves that fell from the previous year rot into the ground and expose the green, possibly to a fresh, and hopefully more pleasant start. INTERESTED IN BEING IN THE STORY OF THIS GANG? JOIN US TODAY!
  2. Hi. I'm a big fan of Red Dead Online Roleplay. Alex697012 - me
  3. Want to get in to Red Dead Online? Want to find and meet new people? Want to get into a new innovative way to play RDO? Then join the Macaitis-Flint Gang! We are a 100% roleplay gang that does in-game and text. We also offer a huge general chat with a wide variety of channels. So, if you're looking for new way to play and meet people, join us! Rules: • Must be 17+ • Must have a mic • Must have previous knowledge of rp MOD NOTE: OP hasn't been active since June. Closing thread as a result.
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