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  1. It's not that I want to keep weapons I pick up, but now I'm wondering whether they replacing existing weapons which are usually a lot better because I've improved them
  2. Maybe not worded quite right but I have Springfield rifle with improvements on my horse..I get off and have a walk and pick up an old worn Springfield.. what happens when I get back to my horse, which Springfield rifle do I end up with?
  3. So when I pick up a rifle and return to my horse where i already had one stashed, what happens to the rifle I picked up?
  4. It's PS4. All keys are default. I just need to know the key process/combination Here it says Holster your weapon by tapping the left bumper (LB/L1). If you see a weapon on a body that you want to pick up just hold down the right bumper (RB/R1) and you’ll swap it for the one you currently have in your hands But if you holster your weapon it's NOT in your forking hand. Does anyone know how to pick up a weapon. This game is the most stressful I've played since I started having in 1984. Over read loads of instructions and none make sense and none of them work. I've tried swapping, holstering and pick up. Sometime so get a prompt to swap weapons and still don't work
  5. Solution/Update Yayyyyyyy I figured it. Fit anyone else On PS4. Do NOT hoooooold L1 which just opened the weapons wheel, just TAP it Why can't I pick up weapons no matter what I press? I just lost a valuable weapon because I can't pick it up. Just jump to 13:00 minutes
  6. What's the benefit of adding money to the camp coffers?
  7. Just spent all morning finding the legendary buck Couldnt see a fence Sold the pelt to the trapper and accidentally sold the antlers too Will I still be able to buy the Buck Antler Trinket??
  8. But where? Butcher Shopkeeper Fence Trapper I think the fence is best for legendary but I don't know
  9. How do I find 2 perfect rabbits? This is for the hunter trials I killed loads but none are perfect
  10. How do you exit RDR2?????? I've tried just pulling the plug I've tried settings/story/save I've tried setting up camp and sleeping and tearing down camp and pulling the plug No matter what, a good 1/4 times my PlayStation complaints it's not shut down properly Had similar problem with original RDR I've played more games than PS4 has made and I have to ask why it needs a post to a forum
  11. Do I sell my good pelts to the trapper or give them to the camp?
  12. How can you tell when you've looted a body, the x's don't seem to change colour or shade?
  13. Where do I keep perfect pelts until I got the ones I need?
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