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  1. Thanks for this answer which is very much appreciated. I’m also intrigued that you never use dead eye. Like you say I have come to use it as a crutch which isn’t good. Although I am using free aim, I can only seem to hunt using dead eye. I know I need to shake the habit and also it will save a ton of cash if I could fight without it (no need for tonics etc) One thing I find impossible is if I’m riding my horse i cannot aim and shoot a large target or small target while moving. If I can crack this, then I know I will be in a very strong position to develop my skills! but thank you all
  2. The reason I’m asking this is because lately I have neglected development as a fighter as I’ve just focused on the trader / collector roles in RDR2 online. Now I’m near level 20 as trader and collector and I’ve reached general rank 50. But I realised today I am a rubbish player who can’t even defend himself properly. I have strong ability cards, a top of the range shotgun etc but it still isn’t enough. Today I was on the Great Plains just picking herbs etc when some random person just started shooting at me for no reason. I managed to get my revenge once using some exploding bu
  3. No problem- this has been a very friendly and helpful forum for me!
  4. It’s ok guys and gals. I found the slippery bastard card. I wrongly thought it was a defensive card and was looking in the wrong place. I didn’t realise it had 3 tiers to it either.
  5. Hi ive been grinding away at the free roam mode lately and have been really looking forward to getting the slippery bastard ability card. I thought it was automatically available at level rank 50. I achieved this rank today and immediately went looking for the ability card but it’s not there. Have they stopped doing it or do I need to go to a higher rank? please help
  6. Perhaps I should just clarify. The link that was provided to me above did not assist me in requesting a refund for my money and I had to seek another path as stated above.
  7. Hi, just in case anyone else wishes to seek a refund for buying gold bars due to bugs in the game, you need to direct your complaint to the company that took your payment. in my case it was a request to the PlayStation network. I emailed rockstar and they didn’t reply- the above link posted by Parzival leads to a dead end. If you have an Xbox or pc I’m sure there is a similar procedure.
  8. Thanks I was so frustrated yesterday as I did a hunting mission and got loads of stuff over 3 hours. Went back to camp and it wasn’t there. Restart the PS4 and all my stuff hunted was gone and camp still was not there! Sadly, a complaint is sometimes needed to get things improved ASAP.
  9. Hi I’m playing RDR2 on PS4. I completed the story last year and now play online. I have never experienced such a buggy game on PS4. Normally I would not be bothered but I am very unhappy because a few weeks ago I was given. ‘Deal’ off gold and paid real money for gold to be used in the game. i feel cheated because several times when I set up camp it disappear. I then have to set it up again and get charged the fee for doing that but found it doesn’t even get set up then . I have lost almost all the real money I paid for nothing. obviously I realise that there are issues with hig
  10. If your on the PlayStation 4 or Xbox network there is a way of reporting this kind of behaviour and the accounts can get banned. I don’t know how you could do this if your playing on a pc. I know it may not be a helpful suggestion but if this is a problem that arises when people use the PC version- have you thought about getting a console? I think the safeguards are more robust when idiots try to spoil your game.
  11. I completed the game in campaign mode and now play online. The fence at Emerald Ranch does not seem to buy stolen wagons and or horses. I have tried several times taking wagons to this location. I have taken the wagons into the barn on other occasions I have waited outside. Regardless of what I do, I cannot sell a stolen horse or wagon to this fence. Is this a bug in the game? Am I doing something wrong?
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