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  1. The saving and loading process seems like it takes so long. Instead of just pausing and and clicking save/load, or using a function key to quicksave, you have to pause, go to story, click load or save, select the file and save/load (not to mention how slow the menus are to appear/disappear) . It doesn’t seem so terrible reading that or the first few times doing it in the game, but after those first few times it really becomes drawn out. I’m just curious if there are any mods that make this process quicker. Note that I’m referring only to the process of navigating to the save files, and not the actual load times (as those are fairly quick).
  2. Hi, thanks for the information. It’s not that the woods isn’t great, it’s just not what I was looking toward to. I was looking forward to the dry, arid desert and the towns with tumbleweeds floating by. I’ve played plenty of games with woods, but the last true open-world game in the desert I’ve played is New Vegas. Anyway, I’ll try to be patient, and enjoy the wooded scenery for what it is. Hopefully the wait is worth it. Thanks again. I appreciate the info :)
  3. I just finished the introductory missions in the snow, and now I’m on the woods. How do I get to the desert?
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