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  1. I am sick of the ****ing modders in this game... I come from GTAO so I kinda expected this but I am sick and Tired of not being able to do Solo Public Sessions like in GTAO. The worst part about these modders is that they will just cause random explosions and kill my horse when I'm minding my own business. This is a heartfelt plea to you Rockstar, You make so much money just add an anti-cheat into the game so we don't have to deal with modders.
  2. So quick story my fiend just bought RDR2 a few days ago. I haven't played since launch so i join him. We usually mind our own business do bounty and trade quests, but then we will run into people who just camp towns and KOS. I understand PvP will happen, but the thing that gets me is im getting strait wrecked and one shot. I have got my fair share of kills, but some of these guys we run into wont die. I've even had a guy stand in front of me take 3 to 4 shots in the face take barely any health damage then one shot me and then precede to spawn kill over and over. Like i said i get it PvP will happen it just gets frustrating that i cant even leave because i just get hunted across the map till i leave the server. I just want to be able to put up a fight and not be thrown around like a used blow up doll.Again sorry if this has been asked before iv looked around and couldn't find anything relevant to help. Again sorry if this has been asked before iv looked around and couldn't find anything relevant to help.
  3. I've played most of the game with the White Arabian but decided to buy the Turkoman at the stable recently after multiple people recommended me for being "less spooky". Now, after 2 hours playing with this horse I have a totally different experience. This horse totally stop to move when there is a snake within a 10 meter perimeter and I have to spam the LS button for it to be able to move. Did I miss something ? Is it because I'm not fully bonded with this horse
  4. Like I was just chilling earlier and trying to see what dailies I could do and some little crotch goblin fresh to the game runs up and decides he's gonna rope me and try to be a somebody, I put two bullets in him, he died, his level 400 posse leader absolutely looses his sh*t over it and proceeds to rally the whole posse against me over it. Just get over yourself man... like if you wanna start sh*t over me killing your fresh spawn, reprimand him for starting it to begin with 😂😂😂 Literally did not have to happen at all, I was in the right to defend myself. I mean yea, I could have just let him burn me or shoot me or whatever, but just because I could have, it doesn't mean I had to. Leave people alone if they're not bothering you, seriously...
  5. Arthur’s journal gives you such great insight into his character and internal dialogue that I think you miss out on if you don’t read it. On my first play through I rushed through the story and didn’t notice the intricacy and thought put into every small detail. Seeing his sketch of a newly discovered animal or reading his description of a stranger adds so much depth to him and really gets you attached the character. In my opinion, Arthur is one of the greatest characters ever created and the journal helps prove that
  6. every person else have the trouble of getting an infinite loading display with the spinning revolver while looking to replay certain missons? i'm trying to replay magicians for recreation due to the fact i need to get the gold in it however it's going to by no means load. other missions will though. any restore?
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