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  1. There should be an option to make them non - free, I don't understand why they have a special edition and they make all the addon in a single file. They added the option to turn off all the extra free cash and upgrade discount, it shouldn't have taken much to add an option to disable the discount for the free weapons in the settings menu. Is this game was on the pc, I could have disable the files myself. I intentionally, play a new game, and delete the files that made it different from the standard edition, but I couldn't tell if it work until chapter 2 of the game because I didn't have access to gunsmith merchant. If you go into the gunsmith, it mentions the volcanic pistol was $148, and it shows as $0 dollars. I don't like it when any merchant gives me a weapon for free, from the menu. If I have the option to steal the weapon it would be different, I don't understand why they think that most people want to pay more money to make the game easier, if it wasn't for those extra missions I would not have bothered with the special edition. They could have put those extra missions in a separate download instead of packaging all their ad-dons in a single file.
  2. I purchase the digital special edition of red dead redemption, both ad-dons automatically installed the pre-order and the special edition file. I started a new game after I disable the special edition, but it seems like I mess up and it was still in the systems. I delete it again, cause I don't want the free weapons from the gunsmiths, but they are still showing up as $0 dollars. Do I have to repeat the game again with the deleted ad-dons for those stupid 3 guns to have value again on the gunsmith. I only bough the special edition for the "Bank robbery mission and gang hideout in story mode. When I go to settings and I disable game-play boosts and cash bonus discounts it only affects the discounts to upgrade the camp. What do I have to do to disable those 3 free weapons from the gunsmith : Volcanic pistol, varmint rifle and pump action shotgun. Without restarting from the beginning. Why do they make all the bonuses for the special edition come together in a single ad-don download. Should, I just get a refund and get the standard edition, since there is no option to disable all those early cheats when pre-ordering and getting the special edition of the game.
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