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  1. I started a mission, got sidetracked, now I don't remember exactly what my objective was. Is there a mission journal that tells you what you're supposed to be doing? The journal I see doesn't have anything relevant in it.
  2. I played Red Dead 1 some, I never finished it. But I thought it was good. I just got RDR2 for PS4 and thought I'd give it a try. Maybe I'm missing something, but it's extremely frustrating. Quests don't seem to be easily reviewed. I got trapped looking at a ledger that can't be exited. I hear people screaming for help and never see them. I drove a wagon to town, apparently they left me in town so I had to run back to camp. I barely escaped death fighting a grizzly, then while returning with a "legendary" hide, I get thrown from the horse, die, and lose it. No reload, just gone. So much o
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