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  1. On xbox one. So far I've had to heal cripps five times before I could do a resupply run. Completed said run 5 times each time arriving back to camp with the goods. Only for the mission completion to be ignored. It showed no supplies and i needed to resupply. Gave up in the end and tried to complete a traders instead. Reached the far away destination killed all the bandits dropped the load in the correct spot. Timer still running down no bandits anywhere. Mission failed. I'm getting fed up of all the glitches in the past week or so of having this game. Its bad enough having to fight of toxic players that kill you for shits and giggles while no bounty on your head or on a mission. And don't get me started on the respawn during a mission. I'm so glad I didn't pay full price for this game and got it on the game pass. So far the aggravation of the game play is not worth its price tag and I wouldn't buy this at full price now I k ow how bad it is.
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