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  1. I started playing RDR2 Online (PC) in April and found the forums in May. I am retired and have a small horse farm in North Carolina, USA that keeps me busy and out of trouble. I started this game because of my grown son (he plays on Xbox), the realism of the horses and beautiful cinematography. Now I am addicted. Thanks Rockstar, you guys are like crack dealers! While the PC platform has it's share of problems, it is still a lot of fun. It is still a young game, they will work out the bugs and glitches. If I can just stop jumping off of wagons when I am suppose to drive them... and quit hitting my horse accidentally. LoL! Thanks also to the founder of these forums "Lonestar"? We have a place to share and learn. Happy Gaming!
  2. Got my first assassination notice yesterday, I just outran him. I was surprised too. Perhaps this last update put these into play. I can not stand that little bastard weasel "The Boy" anyway. Now I know where it spawned from. 🤠
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