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  1. I know that you're not affiliated of R* etc... And actually the real software is 99.9% fine, no problem at all. Only often made worse the server scripts what they change almost daily. You get then new nice bonus or lower prices etc, but sadly it's visible that they never test anything before release to the customers! And that damages often the theoretically great online part. A day later they fix them often (like right now, now works all fine again), but the damage is done and killed nerves of the users. Besides that real professionals should have a way to contact the developers dir
  2. Well... I try of course the (fake) tickets, but also only pure 101% bots. Not even once sentence as real communication. But at least you're real, thanks @Foxtrot
  3. Hi guys!! I'm myself already 30+ years developer and truly love your games, even more RDR2. It's great what you guys created after 8 years, respect!! BUT... (There is always a "but") Sadly it's impossible to contact the real developers here!! I tried multiple times already via the (wannabe) support, but actually 100% for sure only bots. I never got any real answer from humans and you can trust me, real pros see that automatically! So the question is: HOW can I ever really contact them? And I would love to help and make it even better...
  4. CyberZohan

    Sadly Buggyland

    Will they ever hire any real programmers for the online and their servers?? Every day they create more bugs as news... These days bounty hunting is totally impossible again. Do those server scripting kids ever test anything before giving to the users?? Grrrrrr... (Sorry that I'm a bit angry right now.)
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