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  1. Tater - I bought my wife a house, paid for with cash no mortgage at 40 so I could retire to play video games. Now i'm 52 and haven't looked back. LOL I did save often.. problem is I have a nasty habit of overwriting the last manually save. I guess I'll not do that anymore. Foxtrot - You are right. I was dreading it but I started from that 3 day old save and found it was quicker than I thought. I'm almost back to where I was even better because I was able to complete a timed mission I had run out of time on before. You wind up spending so much time just traveling and exploring in this game the hours fly by.
  2. I had started the quest and while I was stealing the wagon a cat ran across the keyboard causing my PC to reboot. I had a manual save point from before I talked to John at camp so on getting back into the game I talked to John at camp again and accepted the mission however, there are NO marker locations for the two wagons on my map and none of the NPC's act like i'm stealing the wagon, no one chases me nor do I get a quest marker for the location to deliver the oil wagon. I did notice in the log when looking at the mission i have an option to replay the mission but thats no good because after the mission it will dump me back at the save point it created before replaying it... I should not have that option because the game never let me finish the mission in the first place. Can anyone help me fix this issue? Thanks. ( My latest manual save before this current manual save is from 3 days ago and I play about 12 hours a day so I'd have to do 36 hours of play all over again if I used that save and i'm hoping to avoid that. )
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