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  1. It did gradually over two hours get lower to the point that a wagon could no longer get under it. I think you can see that in one of the videos. When I climbed up on roofs and managed to get on deck, it gave off the movement sensations of being at sea. All good fun!
  2. When I tried to move it with dynamite, another player joined in with some but it wouldn't move. However, when I climbed on board the ship, it was moving like it was at sea. Also, I logged out and logged back in and it was still there but it strangely started to deteriorate in condition with the paint work going almost black. Maybe it was just marketing for Rockstar's new rival to P&O Ferries.
  3. Q1: So I am new to this, my first post. For two hours at least, two nights ago there was a ship, the length of the High Street, parked in the High Street in Valentine. Parked in the High Street. Some of us even got on it, I have pics. No water for 20 miles, how did a giant of a tanker ship get onto the High Street? Q2: Is there anyway to hide on a HUD during a PVP fight like by crouching? Putting arms away? Sometimes people I am fighting seem to fade off the HUD then come back when it suits them :( Q3: I want to post my ship pictures and 30 sec clip, how do I do it please? Regards David
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