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  1. So, you dont actually need bluegill to craft predator bait. ANY gritty fish will do. But if you want to catch bluegill, here are a few tips. They dont seem to be as aggressive as other small fish, quite often I will ignore the flashing icon indicating that I should reel the line in and I dont press RT to flick the line. Both those things will attract the rock bass, perch, and chain pickerel. They are attracted to cheese bait, but will strike bread as well. I've had lots of success in both rivers and lakes, but here are my fav spots: Dakota river (any stretch), Southfield Flats and Mattock pond, Moonstone pond and Lake Isabella. They are everywhere, so technique is everything... goodluck!
  2. Very good point. Turns out even though the game wasnt showing my kills as marked off, after the 7th kill (after restarting my console) it finally gave me credit and I'm on the next challenge.
  3. They were definitely in the process of eating. Wouldn't any animal that eats dead things be considered a scavenger? I'm not sure either. I didnt get credit for the turkey vultures either and they are most definitely scavengers. I'm still at a loss but appreciate you taking the time to respond. I really want all the survivalist upgrades from the trapper. Lol
  4. I'm currently on survivalist challenge 6, just killed 3 turkey vultures scavenging a dead deer. Right before that killed two boar scavenging another dead boar, but didnt get credit for any of them. What am I doing wrong?
  5. I'm having a similar issue. I'm not locked out, but the game still wont let me manually save, and it's not auto saving either. I'm not currently in any active missions, havent used any cheats, and dont have any bounties, so I have no idea what's going on. The last time I exited the game I lost 2 perfect cougar pelts as well as my count of cougar kills for master hunter challenge 6, so now I'm back to one kill with a bow. Pissed! I'm afraid to exit again game and lose a ton more progress. Help!!
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