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  1. Hey All Does anyone have the list of all of Maggie Fike Missions? I feel like I have missed something somewhere. Didn't feel like I have completed all of the missions but the same one keeps coming back up. It could be because I keep dying during the mission itself and that is why I am stuck even though it finishes with the correct cut scene. Any thoughts? I know it says 2 team lives but I die a lot more than that. LOL. Tough mission to do solo for sure. I understand that after completing all of them you can go back and replay (like the LeClerk missions) but it is not unlocked
  2. Hello all, So I've recently watched a YouTube video of someone doing a trade route both local and long distance routes (link below). I was wondering a few things if anyone knows I'd appreciate the help. 1. How do you get 100/100 goods my crew and I only get 25/100 (maybe we need to get more supplies?) 2. In the video the guy seems to get 100/100 and local price is 62.50, yet when he has 50/100 or 25/100 it's still 62.50 and I imagine long distance is 78. So is there any reason at all to even wait until 100/100? Which is roughly 3 hours 20 mins (50 minutes for 25/100).
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