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  1. the saoring eagle tribe is recruiting new members. No level cap only requirement we ha e is that I have a native dressed and looking character we are a small and peaceful pve tribe who enjoy the game and what it brings everything from fishing to running wagons we help each other out when need and run as a tribe with eachother not against we do have a pvp spot for those who wish to pvp but we are not pvp based. If interested please contact me here or on xbox under the same name. We do use discord and also have a xbox community. Thank you for your time hope to see you in game yahtahe and may they great spirits always dance beside you 1/19/21 (MODERATOR NOTE): OP hasn't come back to visit this site since around the time this thread was opened and / or for the last couple of months. Closing as a result for the sake of other members looking for active groups.
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