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  1. I'd like to bump this once by adding that so far, the people who've posted here have all been accepted and have either left on their own, after showing no social presence or willingness to commit to the community, or (in 2 cases) have just ghosted for a bit over a month until removed for inactivity. The community remains small and healthy, only apply if you really want to play with others. If the generic mentality is "whiskey and ready for the weekend", but, then you either lurk or ghost around, we're most likely not for you. I don't like cheap whiskey or a dead server! (; Happy new year \o/
  2. https://discord.gg/PWkNUn4Q is the place to be, MAYBE!! Happy new year and hopefully we'll see you there soon. EDIT : Since we're just coming off the holidays, we're experiencing minor downtime due to people still being with their families, some are isolated because they got caught elsewhere than home during lockdowns and some got sick. ❤️
  3. Hey and happy holidays Entropy, I'm wiring you a link to our discord https://discord.gg/P4YR9SdX
  4. Hey Peter, click this and you can reach me. https://discord.gg/cV42ykKS
  5. N/A MODERATOR NOTE: Closing thread as OP changed thread title to "N/A" and doesn't seem to be recruiting anymore.
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