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  1. TECHION GANG IS RECRUITING IN RDO Esteemed cowboys and cowgirls, have you been riding alone in the great plains of West Elizabeth, going after Bison and wishing you had some help? Or have you been hunting Barbarella Alcazar and her two lieutenants and don't have the extra gunpower to refrain from running out of lives? Might I suggest the TECHION GANG as your potential new home? WHAT THE TECHION GANG BRINGS TO YOU: A solid, reliable group of people who know the struggle of playing alone and will aid you when completing missions A structure where members can participate to help keep the gears turning smoothly A family like none other that will have your back through thick and thin WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TECHION GANG: A fresh mind to contribute to the growth and prosperity of the gang New experiences to indulge other members with while playing those long, grueling hours to get that new set of boots that cost 12 gold bars A potential family member that will be supported in their time in the gang. HOW TO APPLY: Simply by messaging TinyTech3071 on Xbox Live, or replying to this post. HISTORY OF TECHION GANG The Techion Gang is a brand new posse/group founded by TinyTech#3071 in January of 2021. He founded the gang in aspiration of creating an organization that is respectable, admirable, and joinable for all members of the online community, not just RDO. There is a progression structure to keep things from getting out of hand, as well as a basic code of conduct for accountability reasons. TinyTech hopes to get the Techion Gang on multiple games, on multiple platforms in the coming years. It all starts with you. "See y'all in the frontier." -TinyTech
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