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  1. I haven't had issues in with these harrassers since, but its very unsettling, to have people putting in so much effort to go out of their way to stalk you, and look for you even after logging out and switching lobbys.
  2. Yes this happened to me. I am a lone player, and was attacked by a posse of about a dozen people, they even managed to shoot me while I was in my camp using some kind of exploit. I log on and despite having blocked several members of this posse it seems that there are far more people involved in this and have been surrounding me and following me from lobby to lobby. I have been playing this game for 3 years and have never experienced something this toxic. It is borderline harrasment at this point
  3. Hey I'm a casual player who mainly does free roam. I'll jump into pvp sesions/showdowns occasionally when I get bored. I keep to myself in free roam and don't really fight other players there unless provoked. I understand it is a game where pvp is encouraged even in free roam. However I was at my camp with the white flag up, and was being harrassed by some one who was trying to lasso me (which I understand is an exploit people have found out how to do). I was however, crafting at my fire so he was initially unsuccessful at doing it. He eventually ventured off so I exited in crafting at my fire pit. I had been there for about 10 minutes and the guy was still stalking me out in the distance. He was even able to shoot me within my camp, with the white flag raised. I was super suspicious of this so I moved my camp location, and started a mission. I stated a delivery, and this guy somehow spawned to my location knowing where to find me and blew up my wagon. I exited the lobby to join a new one. 5 min after I spawned back to my camp, the guy was back and spawned in with about dozen other players and proceeded to slaughter me. I was pissed and felt like I couldn't escape this so I just tried to fight just for prides sake, I got only about 3 or 4 kills cause I was fighting an army but was just fed up. I didn't know this person, I hadn't done anything to grieve people, so I was very confused why I was being targeted. I logged out for I bit and came back to my camp with the white flag raised. Sure enough about 4 members of the previous group were surrounding my camp trying to Lasso me. I stood motionless basically just trying to find their user names to report and block them (even tho reporting doesn't really do anything). Eventually they found some sort of glitch or exploit that allowed them to kill me (within my camp with the flag raised) and I parlayed with them. But they came back and harrassed me after the parley was over. In conclusion I understand and accept that pvp is a part of free roam, and sometimes griefing happens, and you have to deal with it. But this was straight up harassment, and bullying. These guy had some sort of intense hatred for me or are just straight up sociopaths. I don't know if this has happened to any one else but this was not fair play. Even arguing that its a pvp game and that sort of thing is to be expected is no excuse. I was in my camp with the flag raised, and the game developers designed this to be a safe place where you can't get attacked, so what they are doing is not only nasty but borderline cheating, exploiting and possibly hacking. I blocked those involved, so hopefully this won't happen again. I don't know if this has happened to any one else, but I hope there is a way to fix this?? I don't want vengeance or anything I just don't want to see them in my game session ever again, due to actual harrassment/cyberbullying. I want to provided their usernames to warn people of them but I dont know if that infringes upon their privacy. I can provide their names and video of said event warn people if its appropriate to do so.
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