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  1. UPDATE: Spoke a little too soon. You can ride around the forbidden areas of New Elizabeth just fine. In fact, I ran into the NPCs at the Manzania Trading Post. But as soon as you enter New Austin itself, the sniper comes after you. -------------------------------------------------------- So I haven't been able to find anything about this online, but I'm in the middle of playing Sodom, Back to Gomorrah (when the gang goes back to Valentine to rob the bank). At the end of the mission, I'm supposed to go to the Downes Ranch to try to collect the debt from the widow. But I took a turn instead into New Austin. So far, I'm able to ride around just fine. The benefit of this over doing it in Chapter 4 is that you're by yourself (without John behind you constantly chattering about going back) and it's the daytime. You have to stay out of Blackwater as the mission fails if any cops see you, though.
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