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  1. Thanks Kean_1 for the response and info! I 100% agree with what you're saying about the updates and the possibility of a 2025 release year. As an RDR fan that such a long time from now.lol. I enjoy GTA don't get me wrong it's just different. Do you have an inclining on what storyline they would come up with?
  2. I am very hopeful Rockstar comes out with a RDR 3. It's tough because GTA is kind of their baby...However, RDR 2 to me is better overall. The online isn't what GTA is but in terms of everything else it's great! I think running with the idea of Jack Marsten would be cool or even going back further and playing out the scenario in Blackwater. Even a "young" Arthur would be neat. I'd imagine cons would be just simply dating that far back and trying not to take away from the overall story that is set.
  3. Hi All! I'm new to the group and currently playing RDR 2 for the second time through. I'd say this time I am taking my time and doing more side missions etc. Was wondering if many of you were doing the same or even playing still? If so, how are you playing it and what are some of the best parts of the game for you? As a character Arthur is second to none in my opinion. RDR 2 certainly captures your emotion and attention. Even the second time through, it's tough to put down. I am currently at camp just outside of Rhodes and am planning on knocking out some of the nearby side missions. Hope
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