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  1. @CaptainWildMan gave you the answers to all your needs! Also see Ropke's other map for everything else other than Collections (animals, plants, events, etc) here: https://jeanropke.github.io/RDOMap/
  2. Beware: just standing in camp won't keep you from getting killed, even with the flag up. Can almost guarantee if you're just standing in the open & go AFK you're going to get blown up by the 1st passerby. I've seen otherwise "decent" humans that just can't pass up an easy target for some reason! If you're going AFK go into either of Cripp's menus (the materials table or Wilderness Outfitter) or into your wardrobe in front of your tent. In some cases you'll still be faintly visible but you won't be able to be killed. Also, just going into your catalogue will keep you from disconnecting for idling but you can be easily knocked out of your catalogue by a player shooting/dynamiting you or even just running into you. I've been knocked out of my catalog by my own horse.
  3. This is very confusing. What are you trying to "open"? Are you having a problem with Story mode or Online? One doesn't have anything to do with the other functionality-wise & the missions certainly don't cross over. If you're seeing an issue pushing buttons in both modes then it's probably the buttons that are the problem here.
  4. This isn't a cheat or an exploit, it's built into the game & it's always been there. If you share content with another player of any kind (do the same mission, initiate or receive a player bounty, do a showdown, etc.) then both/all players will be placed on each other's 'Recent Player' list and you can join on them in whatever lobby they are in. It works both ways: you can join on them in their lobby as well. The "fix" to this is to shut down the app completely, it will clear your recent player list and take you off of theirs. Some say turning Social Matching off combats this but I don't think it does, there have certainly been times I was followed to another lobby when I had matching off. Killing someone in their camp isn't a cheat either, it's just something that can be done in certain situations because the game is still broken. I guess you can call it an exploit but unfortunately this is one of many annoyances that Rockstar just won't fix.
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