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  1. Does anybody know if you could deposit or save/store money in the bank??? Got tons of money and don't wanna lose big chunk percentage of it robbed when died during game. Would really sucks when respawn and see minus hundreds of dollars. Anyone know at all???
  2. Hi, Could anybody help, just got the game today (29 Oct 2018) and has installed with Patch 1.02 Just started the game and very early with Dutch and Micah after dealing with O'Driscolls gang went to the barn as told by Dutch. However afterward, need to focus on the horse and approach the horse, was able to click 'Calm' but after that COMPLETELY UNABLE TO 'PAT' the horse Everytime clicking on it there's just round grey circle around the 'Pat' indicator and Arthus does nothing, no patting at all. Have been at it all night and repeat the game again and again but always encountered same problem: unable to 'Pat' the horse, therefore unable to progress. So frustrating. Anyone PLEASE HELP and Rockstar PLEASE HELP.......
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