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  1. That's great news. I'm glad that most player's problems can be resolved. Unfortunately for people like me on Stadia. We just have to wait for Rockstar to fix it.
  2. I didn't realize how big this problem is. YouTubers are now talking about it. I really hope this gets fixed. I have not played the game at all since my last update. Signed in, bought the quick draw club, sold my collections, completed the quick draw club quickly and logged off.
  3. I reached out to Rockstar support. This is what they said -
  4. I checked again. My maps aren't working either. I am getting the same error as others "This map is unable to locate any collectibles at this time. You may need to earn a higher Collector Rank to unlock more map locations". https://stadia.google.com/capture/d5c816dd-86a0-4cb0-8429-790cfc94ef2b
  5. Here's a video of my bug - https://stadia.google.com/capture/13d390f2-ef51-4f4f-90bd-ac218af232f4. I know there is an arrowhead here. Even if its not here, the metal detector still should make some lights and sounds and it isn't doing anything.
  6. I'm level 220. ~2 weeks ago, my metal detector stopped working. Now it doesn't turn on so I cant find any metal collectibles. On top of that, eggs, flowers and digging collectibles aren't spawning either. I can see my posse members seeing the collectibles but I cant see them or interact with them. Sometimes I can see the wild flower spawn but its not interactable and is just greyed out. I am on stadia.
  7. I just started having this problem too. Did it get fixed for you?
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