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  1. Update on this issue. I'm still having the problem but I now made a Bug Report to RockStarGames about the problem.
  2. I read about one that had a Similar problem. But he just needed to eat a bunch more Raspberries. I have tried this now picked the area clean between Valentine and Emerald Farm, No luck
  3. Hi All, I'm new here but need help. I'm at 3/4 berries on Step 2. But because I picked and ate Raspberries before the Challenge started I can't get it finished. I've picked Huck-Berries, Blackberries and the Winter Berry and have gotten Check by those 3. But from the Raspberry I can't seem to get it to check. I've eaten 20-40 berries. I write here to hopefully get help on how I can fix this glitch.
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