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  1. Hey guys, So I have progressed quite a bit in the game and I find that I have a ton of weapons now. I really wished they would allow you to store weapons somewhere else besides on the horse as it gets a little annoying having to scroll through the weapon wheel trying to find the gun I want. What’s your opinion on this? Cheers
  2. Hey guys, having finally made it to the South in the game I got to interact with some of the gators which are quite scary. The main problem I have is that when I throw dead or alive things into the water none of the gators seem interested. I wish that when I throw a live KKK member into the water that the alligators would start swimming towards him and rip him to shreds with some blood effect or something. It’s quite anticlimactic when you toss something in and they don’t react to it at all. Cheers
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