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  1. Thank you lot for some answers, I managed to save up some more money in the end and bought myself a new Arabian. The struggle there was real as I took some bounty hunting trips and finally managed to save up 950$ only to realize when I got back to the stable that the sale was over and the price had gone up to 1050$ instead. Had to run around like crazy a bit more to save up some more money but got there in the end, now I've done as BropolloCreed79 suggested and save each time I'm basically afraid I'll lose my horse. But yeah I mean I don't think I've ever felt such frustration and sadness
  2. So hello there, I got a question for whomever are able to answer it, so I was heading to collect some money for Strauss outside of St. Denis just a second ago when I suddenly got ambushed along the road, there were lots of men and I tried to run away from the fight to get some distance and an upper hand in the fight but was unable to and died. When I respawned I noticed my horse was in one direction and my sadle in another, so I did as usual and whistled for my horse but when it came close I noticed it wasn't my horse and it looked more like a random that was just given to me. What h
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