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  1. Nope, and in those cases the blip usually just greys out, not vanishes completely. I solved it though - seems you gotta do it at night. It's confusing though that the blip just disappears entirely if the time of day is wrong, instead of just becoming grey and maybe telling you to come back later.
  2. So I met Marko Dragic in St Denis and did the RC boat thing, after which he told me to come see him at Doverhill. After a while I saw the blip on my map and put down a marker and started making my way there. Thing is, when I got there the blip for the mission was gone and Dragic was nowhere to be seen. Could this be a bug or am I missing something?
  3. I ended up investing in a scope and has managed two pelts so far, both headshots. It's strange though that I didn't get a perfect pelt before if you don't really have to shoot them in the head. Now there's just the problem of finding the little buggars...
  4. Yeah, I've looked at it. It seems I did everything right. As you say, one shot to the head with the varmint rifle should yield a perfect pelt. Except it didn't. Which is why I'm wondering 😕
  5. I'm having real problems with this one. To begin with I find rabbits really hard to find, even where they're supposed to be around. I only came across maybe two or three after about an hour of searching. Secondly, once I found a "pristine" one and got it in the head with the varmint rifle I still only got a "good" pelt from it. So is it still an element of chance as to wether I get a "good" or "perfect" pelt, seeing as I did everything right. Are there any other tricks to this? As of right now I'm frustraded as **** over this, and it seems like it's going to take an eternity to clear this challange as things are going.
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