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  1. I’ve got two trinkets made. One with a Lion claw and one from a Legendary Coyote, yet all my perks in the “player” menu is empty. I can see the trinkets in my inventory, though.
  2. I have turned off aim assistent when on foot. I don’t like the idea of being helped too much. But I have quite a hard time controlling the aim. If I am to aim at a guy I’m either super slow getting the “dot” on the target or I move the stick to much and the “dot” flies by the target. I’m mostly a Fifa player, so those fine controls/movements with ones left thumb, is really hard to master. Do I just need practice or do you all have a hard time with aim assist off? My aim is all over the place but I’m still having fun though, but getting headshots is pure luck when it happens.
  3. But arent’t there a chance it might get stolen or attacked by wildlife?
  4. If I, in the middle of the map, wants to run around robbing people, stealing wagons and sell them, what will then happen to my horse. Will it just stay put or does it return somewhere?
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